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Teri began drumming on a serious level at the age of 13, although she knew she wanted to be a drummer when she was six, when she created her first drum set to jam with Earth, Wind & Fire, with pots, pans, tupperware, wooden spoons, and a Folger's coffee can as her "throne" to call her own! Teri started playing in the drum corps in 7th grade and played through jr. high and high school, six years total. She began playing drums professionally at the age of 14 with a family band called The Marcy Brothers, who were signed to Warner Brothers Records and opened for major acts including George Strait, Eddie Rabbit, Johnny Cash, The Oak Ridge Boys, Juice Newton, Roy Clarke, Hwy 101, Keith Whitley, Lacey J. Dalton, Alabama, Exile and many more. That was 31 years ago and Teri's been playing professionally ever since. She's played professionally ever since, 32 years total.  The funk is what inspired, her first real gig was a country gig and since then she's played just about every style under the sun and moon.  Teri loves music and enjoys rhythm and is happy to jump in and play at any given time.


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                                                     Elliott Jr. High School, drum corps 97th grade)



David Cassidy (past eleven years and currently), Rob Tyre (also currently) Stephen Bruton, Freddy Powers, Anita Sarawak, Rayvon Foster, Earl Pool Ball, Bobby Boyd, Jeff Dayton, Extreme Heat, Barrio Latino, Mas Mujeres, The Marcy Brothers and many more.

One off gigs – Nidia Rojas, Eric Martin, Bo Diddly, Francine Reed, Ralna English, The Resentments (Stephen Bruton, John D. Graham and Scrappy Judd Newcomb).




 Asleep At The Wheel (band), The Kingston Trio. 

Clarke Rigsby (engineer Tempest Recordings, best known for his work with: Paul McCartney, Tower of Power, Glen Campbell, The Four Tops, Peter Erskine and more)

Norm Kinney (engineer at A&M Studios, Hollywood - best known for his work with: Neil Diamond, Barbara Streisand, The Yellow Jackets, The Carpenters, Gino Vanelli, Cheech and Chong, Captain and Tanille and many more).

Bobby Boyd, Jeff Dayton, Phat Mountain Crib, CAVU, Natalie Withers, Rob Tyre and more.



Teri has played with many national players,   including: Bill Champlin (Sons of Champliin and Chicago) Paul Schaffer (Late Night with David Letterman) Gene Clarke (The Birds) Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard's "Strangers" with Freddy Powers at Merle's concert. The Kingston Trio, Rusty Weir, Ray Wiley Hubbard. 



 6 years Drum Corps and concert band in elementary , jr. high and high school.



Dom Famularo, Dom Moio, Mark Craney, Jim Chapin, Barry 'Frosty' Smith, Mike Catalano, Stacy Henry, Brannen Temple, John Blackwell. 



The Austin School of Music and Tommy's Drum Shop - (Austin, Tx.) 

Briscoe Music School and Britt Band Camp -  (Ashland, Or).



Road Experience



Vic Firth Inc.





                                                                                          Vic Firth/VIC FIRTH INC. 

                                                                                          Vic Firth/VIC FIRTH INC. 

                                                                                         Bruce Jacoby/REMO 

                                                                                         Bruce Jacoby/REMO 

                                                                                      Debbie Zildjian/ZILDJIAN

                                                                                      Debbie Zildjian/ZILDJIAN

                                                                   GT Albright - RIMSHOT-LOCS - Inventor and Director

                                                                   GT Albright - RIMSHOT-LOCS - Inventor and Director


                                                                                                                                   Teri's Drum Plot

Drum Plot